COVID 19 and the postponement of credit installment payments

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1-The surge of the epidemic of COVID-19 – or “coronavirus” constitutes an unpublished health crisis. Dangerous and disturbing pandemic threatens the national economy as well as the international economy.

2- The health fight is thus a general and universal fight, which requires human and material resources, but also the enactment and implementation of exceptional measures.

Faced with an exceptional crisis, it is essential to take exceptional measures. Better still, faced with an unprecedented crisis, new tools must be invented.

3- In Tunisia, the public authorities have not yet established a general framework for the crisis management. However, particular and specific measures have been taken.

This is the case in the banking sector where the regulator has proclaimed the postponement of the maturities of credits. Immediately Tunisian Central Bank issued four circulars that regulate the same topic as per the below details…

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