The company facing competition from its leaders and executives

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In a market economy, the company is by definition known to operate in a competitive environment. Everyone is expected to develop in a competitive context where market shares are generally subject to an ongoing struggle. Fluctuations in these shares reflect in large measure the dynamism of some and the stagnation or decline of others.

The appearance of a competitor, the disappearance of another, launching a new product, new investment by a competitor to increase production or to improve its quality are mostly watched by other competitors that follow market developments. Of material and human resources are often mobilized by the company to ensure a continuous watch on competition and allow governing bodies to take the decisions it takes in terms of marketing, renovation of production facilities, recruitment new skills and funding.

This competition is part of the game rules and the company is prepared for it. It is even obliged to suffer, knowing that the competition law condemns illicit cartels and anti-competitive practices.

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